25days Presidential and National Assembly, Let Your Voices Be heard

Next Election: Presidential and National Assembly 25th February 2023

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to collect your PVC

Whether as a new or existing registered voter, you are to visit the state where you registered.

Take the slip given to you during voter registration along.

Locate the INEC office that was specified in the slip within your local government area (LGA).

When you get to the INEC collection centre, newly registered voters are to present the slip given to them to the officials. At the same time, voters who also applied to change their voting location are required to submit their slips.

Meanwhile registered voters with temporary voter’s cards are advised to go to the INEC office in the LGA to exchange their temporary voter’s card for a permanent voters card.

Also, INEC has further simplified the collection of Permanent Voters’ Cards at the ward level. Registered voters can now send a text message containing their information to any of the two dedicated numbers below to locate their collection points.

Kindly visit the INEC website pages for more information.

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