Advancing of ZQ (2023) (Chinese) Full Movie Mp4 Download

Advancing of ZQ (2023) (Chinese) Movie Download

Story of Zheng Qian who developed a “financial artifact” app. Unexpectedly, he was watched by a evil man of his hometown. Zheng met a meteorite and got superpower. Now Zheng need to use his superpower vs cash ability.


Native Title: 超能一家人


Also Known As: Chao Neng Yi Jia Ren , Advancing of ZQ , 进击的郑前


IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12787014/


Director: Song Yang


Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


Country: China


Release Date: Jul 21, 2023


Language: Chinese


Subtitles: Hardcoded English, Chinese












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