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Download Jet Li Fearless (2006 film) Full Movie Mp4

JET LEE Fearless (2006 film)
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JET LEE Fearless (2006 film) Movie Download

Fearless, also known as Huo Yuanjia (霍元甲) in Chinese, and as Jet Li’s Fearless in the United Kingdom and in the United States, is a 2006 martial arts film directed by Ronny Yu and starring Jet Li. It is loosely based on the life of Huo Yuanjia, a Chinese martial artist who challenged foreign fighters in highly publicized events, restoring pride and nationalism to China at a time when Western imperialism and Japanese manipulation were eroding the country in the final years of the Qing Dynasty before the birth of the Republic of China.

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Fearless was released on 26 January 2006 in Hong Kong, on 23 June 2006 in the United Kingdom, and on 22 September 2006 in the United States.

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