Future Soldier (2023) Full Movie Mp4 Download

Future Soldier (2023) Movie Download

In the dystopian, cyberpunk future, bounty hunter Mo Harrington returns to action after uncovering a sinister conspiracy. Joining forces with an old friend, hardened ex-cop Xoey Cass, Harrington must race against time to stop dangerous new enemies from threatening the future of Supercity Europe.


With the conspiracy unravelling, Harrington and Cass find themselves on a collision course with both The Matriarch, a ruthless crime lord, and the Phalanx Corporation, the militarised security force that polices the streets. Caught in a dangerous web and haunted by ghosts from his previous life, Mo must confront his past as a genetically enhanced Hoplite super-soldier, as well as his own moral code.


From the depths of Supercity Europe’s underworld to the forgotten military installations of the arctic circle, Harrington and Cass are pitted against shadowy forces, clone troopers and masked assassins as they fight to stop the mysterious ‘Project: Centurion’, once and for all.


Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Stars: Sean Earl McPherson, Yasmine Alice, Ellie Pickering, Ian Curd, Adam Fox

Director: Ed Kirk









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