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JUNGLE RUN (2021) Full Movie Review

JUNGLE RUN (2021) Review
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JUNGLE RUN (2021) Review

JUNGLE RUN (2021) Movie Review

JUNGLE RUN (2021) Movie Review

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Their search for their father… led them to Hell!’

Jungle Run is a 2021 American fantasy creature feature action film about a mission to search for a missing professor in Brazil’s rainforest. The movie is a mockbuster of Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Directed by Noah Luke (cinematographer on Airliner Sky BattleAsteroid-a-GeddonCollision Earth) from a screenplay written by Marc Gottlieb (Aquarium of the DeadFast and Fierce: Death RaceTriassic WorldAlien Convergence). Produced by David Michael Latt.

The Asylum production stars Alyson Gorske (616 Wilford LaneMeteor MoonBattle Star Wars), Wade Hunt Williams (Celebrity Crush), Jack Pearson (Alien ConquestShark SeasonFast and Fierce: Death Race), Jamie Petitto and Richard Grieco.


“Being from The Asylum, Jungle Run has a lot more talk than action, but it’s kept interesting and not blatantly expository […] The animal attacks range from venomous dart frogs that look good individually but in groups resemble solid coloured hopping Easter eggs to kamikaze piranha […] there’s crocodiles, giant snakes, spiders and hostile tribes to deal with. As well as Curupira, a pissed-off Jungle God.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

Lebecq [Wade Hunt Williams]: “This is the Amazon. Anything is possible.”

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Darius Autry … Yanomami Tribesman
Benjamin Bernard … Sark
Hansel Alexander Carter IV … Theo
Chris Cobian … Yanomami Priest
Christian DeJesus … Teese
Alyson Gorske … Amanda
Richard Grieco … Nicholas
Sky Hanf … Construction Worker
Alejandro Maysonet … Arlan
Rey’Von Miller … Blind Man
Andrew j Murray … Yanomami Tribesman
Juan Ortega … Joao
Jack Pearson … Scott
Jamie Petitto … Vera
Wade Hunt Williams … Lebecq








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