Lamb Game (Gao Yang You Xi) (2023) [Chinese] Full Movie Mp4 Download

Lamb Game (Gao Yang You Xi) (2023) [Chinese] Movie Download

The story happened in Hong Kong before 1996. The heroine Shirley was held hostage by robbers at her wedding scene and witnessed her husband being shot by the robbers. Unable to get out of the haze, she now works in an archery gym. On the night of the typhoon, she was accidentally stranded in the building and witnessed the same group of gangsters killing people in the building. Brother, the two managed to escape from this nightmarish building while resisting the ruthless pursuit of the gangsters. However, the vicious gangsters wanted to kill people, and Shirley and Brother Nan struggled to find a way to survive in the building where the signal was interrupted and all exits were blocked…


Genre: Crime

Also Known As: Gao Yang You Xi , 羔羊游戲

Length: 88 minutes

Duoban Score: 3.7/10 by 1154

Director : Huang Yi
Screenwriter : Huang Yi / Luo Qi / Qiu Junyang
Starring : Xiong Dailin / Zheng Haonan / Chen Baoyuan
Country: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Release Name: Lamb.Game.2023.2160p.WEB-DL.H265.DDP2.0.2Audio-DreamHD
Release Date: 2023 -08-17 (Mainland China Network)

Subtitle: English & Korean Hardcoded








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