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MAN VS. BIGFOOT (2021) Movie Reviews and overview

Man vs Bigfoot (2021)
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MAN VS. BIGFOOT (2021) Reviews and overview

The battle begins’

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Man vs. Bigfoot is a 2021 American monster movie about a man who treks into the wilderness to search for his missing brother.

Written, directed by and co-starring David D. Ford. The movie also stars Theresa Mills, Matt Williams, Bob Gimlin and Tracy Lynn Ray.


After his brother goes missing on a hiking trail, Jack Rollins goes in search of him but in doing so, Jack soon finds himself in a game of cat and mouse with a creature thought only to be a legend…



“The story is believable because you can believe that an ex-police officer can have enough skill to protect himself from most things in the woods […] Every time a wound, a broken bone, and blood splatter are shown in this film, it is done quite well. Also, the locations used in the film are quite stunning.” Film Threat



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