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SHARE OR DIE (2021) Full Movie Review

Share or Die (2021)
Share or Die (2021) Movie Mp4
Share or Die (2021)

Share or Die (2021) Movie Mp4

SHARE OR DIE (2021) Movie Review

Share or Die is a 2021 American horror film about a mysterious message that circulates through social media killing anyone who doesn’t share it.

Written and directed by Joseph Mazzaferro (Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris ChambersHalloween at Aunt Ethel’sAnneScathing) and Joseph Daniel Thomas (Built on Graves).

The Mazz Appeal Films production stars Noah Diggs, Logan Van Dyke, Danielle J. Bowman, Austin Janowsky, Lisa Arcaro, Michael Kenneth Fahr and Lauren Crandall.

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“The film feels strikingly bland and non-memorable. There’s no distinct style or flair to Share or Die – it simply feels like one of those movies you made with your friends back in middle or high school for a film project that you had to present in front of your class. Plus the acting from pretty much everybody on board is incredibly weak too, sadly.” Caillou Petis Movie Reviews


SHARE OR DIE (2021) Review and overview

Cast and characters:

Noah Diggs … Junior
Logan Van Dyke … Tyler (Ty)
Danielle J. Bowman … Kelly
Austin Janowsky … Rob
Lisa Arcaro … Robin
Michael Kenneth Fahr … Neiko Hays
Lauren Crandall … Becca Anderson
Kaylie Heyner … Sarah
Matt Coombs … Worker
Eddie Ortega … Rome
Jovanni Mazzaferro … Kid 1
Joseph Daniel Thomas … Hunter Williams
Michael E. Hambrick … Chase
Allison Young … Jessica
Melissa Mazzaferro … Mom

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Technical details:

76 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


There was a trailer online for Share or Die but this has been removed.

MOVIES and MANIA comment and rating:

Beyond the already familiar plotline, even at just 76 minutes Share or Die is a tough watch simply because pretty much every character is extremely unlikeable if not downright annoying. Clearly, the viewer is meant to appreciate that some of the selfie-obsessed airheads on-screen deserve what fate is coming to them – and a couple of the deaths are agreeably gnarly – but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch so many repetitious close-up shots of phones being used for texting, liking and posting videos online. Those with no appreciation of urban music may also find the soundtrack grates.

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